We offer an extensive range of high-quality products tailored to meet the specific needs of the aviation industry. Whether you’re looking for filters, hydraulic systems, avionic systems, cabin interiors, aircraft tires, wheels, and brakes, or any other aviation component, we’ve got you covered.


Our filters are designed to maintain the purity of fluids and air in aircraft systems, ensuring optimal performance and protection against contaminants..

Hydraulic Systems

Our hydraulic systems provide the necessary power transmission and control for various aircraft functions, ensuring smooth operation and reliability.

Avionic Systems

We offer cutting-edge avionic systems that include advanced communication, navigation, and surveillance equipment to enhance flight safety and efficiency.

Cabin Interiors, Seats, and Galleys

Our cabin interior products provide comfort and luxury to passengers while our seats and galleys offer ergonomic designs and space-saving solutions for an enjoyable travel experience.

Aircraft Tires

 We supply durable and high-quality aircraft tires that can withstand the demanding conditions of take-offs, landings, and taxiing.

Wheels & Brakes & Spares

Our wheels and brakes, along with their spares, are engineered for precise control, ensuring safe landings and smooth taxiing on the runway.

Tooling Solutions

Our tooling solutions are specifically designed for aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations, providing efficiency and accuracy in the maintenance process.

Power Plant & Spares

We offer power plant components and spares that ensure the reliable and efficient operation of aircraft engines.

APU’s & Spares

Our APU’s (Auxiliary Power Units) and their spares provide essential auxiliary power during aircraft ground operations, reducing reliance on main engines.

Landing Gears & Parts

Our landing gears and parts are engineered for strength and stability, ensuring safe landings and ground handling.

ULD’s & Pallets

We supply Unit Load Devices (ULD’s) and pallets for efficient cargo loading and transportation within the aircraft cargo hold.

Electrical & Pneumatic Systems

Our electrical and pneumatic systems deliver essential power and control functions, enabling various aircraft systems to operate seamlessly.

NDT Products

We offer Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) products that allow for the inspection and evaluation of aircraft components without causing damage.

Aviation Tools

Our aviation tools encompass a wide range of specialized equipment designed for maintenance, repair, and assembly tasks in the aviation industry.

All General Aviation Material

We provide a comprehensive range of general aviation materials to support various maintenance and operational needs.

Gearboxes, Actuators, Ball Screws

Our gearbox, actuator, and ball screw products are vital for precision movement and control in aircraft systems.

Pumps, Motors, Valves, Cylinders, Landing Gears, Anti-Skid Valves

We offer various pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, landing gears, and anti-skid valves critical for fluid control and landing safety.

Starters, Generators, GCU’s, Lights, Fans, Control Panels

Our starters, generators, GCU’s (Generator Control Units), lights, fans, and control panels ensure the proper functioning of aircraft electrical systems.

Regulators, Air Turbine Starters, Cooling Turbines, Regulating and Safety Valves, Controllers

Our regulators, air turbine starters, cooling turbines, regulating and safety valves, and controllers play essential roles in maintaining the stability and safety of aircraft systems.